Holiday Week… not really.

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In the spirit of the holidays, I’d like to provide some finals tips instead. Here at my college, it’s the start of finals week. Seriously, it’s day 1 of finals. As all students, regardless of class year, prepare to take exams for the first or last time, we have to agree that the anxiety and stress is still there. Though as seasoned seniors reason that they don’t care anymore and freshmen stress about having enough time, we all know that in the end, cramming will occur. With the pile up of papers and the pressure of learning everything from one semester in 3 days, it is very important to maintain a healthy balance between your health and studying. Here are some tips that I’ve gathered from the past couple of years I’ve been saving:

1. Please sleep! I know that it is very difficult to do so, but by resting not only your eyes, but your brain, you’ll be able to process and recall information better. Sleep deprivation just makes your brain stop functioning, so find time to take power naps and/or sleep for a full night! And, put down that coffee!! Don’t drink 4-5 cups a day. Limit yourself to 1-2 if you really need. Also, just stay away from energy drinks!

2. Take showers… I cannot stress this enough. I know every minute saved is time that you can use to study and/or work, but please remember, you still have friends and others around you. I am sure they do not want to smell anything ghastly especially hair that has not been washed for 5-6 days or clothes that you’ve been wearing since the last day of classes.

3. Eat food. I mean real food, not instant noodles/ramen or chips, but actual food. Using junk food as fuel or energy will only make you crash faster and harder. Being able to fuel your body with necessary nutrients will give you enough brain power.

4. Take study breaks. We try to power through everything by promising a good night’s rest, but that doesn’t really work. Limiting yourself to 1-2 hours of study and then breaking for 15 minutes will ensure that you give your brain a chance to absorb the information you just studied.

5. Ask for help! I cannot stress this enough. We are not immortal nor are we invincible. If you need help, ask for it. There are many support groups on school campuses willing to help students in times of need. Additionally, ask your professors if you have questions about the material or are just unclear with what is being expected on the exam!

6. And finally… good luck!

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